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IPE – Manager Selection: A new guide to the future

Stamford in the news

IPE – Manager Selection: A new guide to the future

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"Stamford is a market leading independent investment consulting firm delivering performance orientated investment solutions to its clients by recommending investment managers of the highest quality."

Nathan Gelber, CIO & Founder


Fund Manager Succession: Make or Break

Succession management hinges on the psychology of change. The replacement of one person, or team, with another. In the arena of active investment management, the issue can be particularly acute. Managed well, it can lead to success for all stakeholders. Managed poorly, it can spell disaster: impaired stewardship, broken trust, and client exodus.

WEBINAR: Unintended Consequences of Allocating to ESG

There is exponential rising interest in ESG-focused investments, and against this backdrop, there exists the heightened risk that managers and allocators make poor investment decisions. This webinar is an informal presentation from Duncan Burden, CFA, Head of Research at Stamford Associates, followed by questions and answers.

A Responsible Revolution

It would be impossible to ignore the pervasiveness of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in the investment industry today. Industry publications, discussion forums and conference platforms are awash with the subject, while growing legislative requirements and popular pressure are placing an increasing level of responsibility on fiduciaries to pay those issues serious consideration. In this quarter’s ‘Salient Industry Observations’, we provide a brief background to the recent explosion of this responsible revolution, highlight some of the challenges of incorporating key ESG principles into investment management and how fiduciaries might address these through a proper evaluation of investment managers’ decision-making.

SALT Talks: Nathan Gelber

Watch our Founder & Chief Investment Officer Nathan Gelber appear on SALT Talks. This fireside chat discusses the importance of behavioural psychology, its evolution into becoming mainstream, high-profile manager downfalls and how Stamford has successfully incorporated it into the investment manager appraisal process.

Why selection often goes wrong and what to do about it

The process of selecting people, in business as in social relationships, tends to focus on the “good” characteristics we are looking for. However, as Adrian Furnham points out in this intriguing article, we would be well advised also to look out for those “dark-side” traits that could well give problems further down the line.

WEBINAR: The Pursuit of Investment Excellence

Being put under high pressure situations like the current pandemic places stress on individuals, and investment managers are far from immune.

Is working from home music to investment manager’s ears?

In this edition of our working from home series we have taken a moment to consider the subliminal topic of how the sounds and distractions of the home office may be affecting asset managers’ decision-making process.

10 investor behavioural biases to look out for

While business continuity plans may well have provided for a pandemic, who truly could have predicted the present Covid-19 pandemic and the effect it has had, including that on global investment markets?

How Covid-19 will change PM pay priorities

Research by Stamford Associates indicates that absolute numbers will give way to job security and employee input.

Reward Structures, Investment Manager Performance and the Impact of COVID – a Behavioural Analysis

What is the relationship between pay and performance, pay and pay satisfaction, pay and job satisfaction? Reward and recognition are emotive topics. Everyone has a preferred approach that they believe will create the right dynamic.