Stamford in the news

Daily Telegraph – Questor: is this the most thorough system of fund research?

Stamford in the news

Daily Telegraph – Questor: is this the most thorough system of fund research?

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"Stamford is a market leading independent investment consulting firm delivering performance orientated investment solutions to its clients by recommending investment managers of the highest quality."

Nathan Gelber, CIO & Founder


Mind the gaps

Low interest rates for more than ten years have made it possible for companies to refinance their borrowing at very cheap rates and, if central banks continue on their current trajectory, it is likely that will continue to be the case.  However, the ability to borrow is not only dependent on the cost but also … Continued

Questor: is this the world’s most thorough system of fund research?

Questor met the key members of this investment consultancy, Stamford Associates, recently and was highly impressed not only with the thoroughness of its process but with the fact that its methodology was unlike any other we had seen for selecting fund managers. Read the original story here

Does your manager have the right mindset for persistence?

Professor Adrian Furnham does not understand why other companies do not look for behavioural tells in their managers. A balanced individual at the helm is required to turn a good idea into good returns, he tells Pensions Expert. Read the original story here

Inside the investment process of Stamford Associates

In this interview with Rachel Pether, CEO & Co-Founder of Sovereign Wealth Ltd, Adrian and Steven discuss Stamford Associates’ differentiated approach, behavioral psychology, and how it’s been such a success for the business. Read the original story here

The secret reports warning over Woodford’s small stocks record

Secret reports dating as far back as eight years ago raised the alarm over embattled fund manager Neil Woodford’s record of investing in unquoted and smaller companies, but financial advice giant St James’s Place (SJP) is keeping them under lock and key. Read the original story here

How to lead like Jürgen Klopp

Asset management leaders can learn from the emotional displays of football managers such as Jürgen Klopp. Read the original story here

St James’s Place defends Woodford’s record on its own funds

Read the original story here

Asset managers: New fee models

The asset management industry still appears to be making supernormal profits, regardless of outcomes . But even those whose job is to recommend fund managers are declaring that the current position is unsustainable.  Read the original story here

How organisational psychology helps schemes select good managers

Behavioural psychology has been the subject of academic study for around 50 years, and has recently become the object of increased scrutiny within financial services as a source of insight into behaviour. Read the original story here

UK in-house management: Is it better in-house?

In-house asset management can deliver cost savings, control and overall value benefits but for complex or short-term strategies external management may offer better value for money. Read the original story here