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IPE – Manager Selection: A new guide to the future

Stamford in the news

IPE – Manager Selection: A new guide to the future

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"Stamford is a market leading independent investment consulting firm delivering performance orientated investment solutions to its clients by recommending investment managers of the highest quality."

Nathan Gelber, CIO & Founder


Investing through the COVID-19 crisis

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread human and economic devastation, the effects of which may be felt for many years to come. First and foremost, we trust that our clients, their families and colleagues remain healthy and will emerge from the current crisis unscathed.

Rebalancing: the rational route to sustaining strategic objectives

Following severe equity and bond market dislocations, long-term investors should be taking stock of their portfolio allocations.

The Relevance of Psychology in the Selection and Monitoring of External Portfolio Managers

Dr. Adrian Furnham, Head of the Behavioural Psychology team at Stamford Associates, will discuss three areas of psychology relevant to Portfolio Manager appraisal and monitoring – Behavioural Economics and Behavioural Finance, Organisational Psychology, and Differential Psychology – and how to apply these in a practical manner. In today’s “working from home” environments, the effectiveness of these techniques will also be discussed.

Rolls-Royce joins rush to cut dividends with 13 firms suspending or cancelling payouts worth £636m in just one day

Duncan Burden, of investment consultancy Stamford Associates, said: ‘It is almost certain that more and more companies will cut or suspend dividend payments over the coming months, as a direct reaction to the economic implications of Covid-19.’ Read the original story here

Asset managers working from home

Who would believe the pictures we are getting from the City of London and Wall Street? The manic trading floor; analysts scanning four huge computer screens simultaneously; people communicating on three devices at the same time? The very definition of freneticism.

Working from home – the new frontier?

Are you sitting comfortably….at home, required not to come into work? Have you been encouraged to “self-isolate” and do your work from the dining-room table, or the spare bedroom office? Is this a novelty, or have you tried it before?

Manager Selection: A new guide to the future

Past performance is an unreliable guide to future success. Might the corporate culture of asset managers offer better foresight?  Read the original story here

A review of the 2010s – what next for investors?

Decades are often defined according to the dominant themes they are perceived to embody – think of the “roaring ‘20s” and the “swinging ‘60s” as perhaps the most iconic examples.

Mind the gaps

Low interest rates for more than ten years have made it possible for companies to refinance their borrowing at very cheap rates and, if central banks continue on their current trajectory, it is likely that will continue to be the case.

Questor: is this the world’s most thorough system of fund research?

Questor met the key members of this investment consultancy, Stamford Associates, recently and was highly impressed not only with the thoroughness of its process but with the fact that its methodology was unlike any other we had seen for selecting fund managers. Read the original story here