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IPE – Manager Selection: A new guide to the future

Stamford in the news

IPE – Manager Selection: A new guide to the future

Pension Funds

Every pension fund’s circumstances and decision-making processes are different. That is why for the past three decades we have sought to provide innovative and bespoke investment advice that addresses each client’s specific funding and investment challenges within the context of their governance structures.

We believe that too much emphasis by pension funds on short-term “risk” metrics can result in sub-optimal investment decisions, both from an investment strategy and manager selection perspective. Our advice is based upon fundamental investment principles and aims to create a balanced picture of a pension fund’s long term cash flow profile and liability ‘value’ risks. We expect to be held accountable for our investment advice and favour a commercial alignment of interest with our clients’ investment outcomes.

Our pension fund investment advisory services include the following:

• Setting objectives / journey planning
• Investment strategy (including liaising with the Scheme Actuary)
• Portfolio structuring
• Manager selection and monitoring
• Investment reporting
• Transitions / transition manager appointments
• Statement of Investment Principles

“As the Corporate Finance Director & Head of Investor Relations for a major European listed company, I regularly interact with all kinds of portfolio managers from across the globe and so I know that the ones discovered by Stamford are different - they are incredibly knowledgeable, diligent and disciplined for the long-term. Exactly the type of people you can trust to help grow your assets to meet your pension liabilities.”

Chair of Trustees

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