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IPE – Manager Selection: A new guide to the future

Stamford in the news

IPE – Manager Selection: A new guide to the future

We are proud of our distinctive approach to identifying, researching and monitoring exceptional investment management talent. We employ a unique blend of investment and behavioural analysis.
  • Proprietary manager intelligence base

    An extensive proprietary intelligence base built up since 1984 of thousands of investment managers across numerous asset classes, markets and investment strategies.

  • Global reach

    Global field trips, industry networking and intensive desk research allow us to discover managers that might otherwise be below the radar. We research managers on a truly global basis, going far beyond locally available or mainstream investment offerings.

  • Deep-dive evaluation

    The application of our rigorous and granular evidence-based manager assessment process allows us to evaluate the robustness of the manager's investment approach and the integrity of its implementation in practice. We use case studies to vouch the degree to which manager rationale is informed, coherent and in line with described edge.

  • Comprehensive portfolio & transactions analysis

    Thorough assessment of the manager's portfolio footprints, from idea generation to sell discipline and portfolio construction, trading activity, fundamental and liquidity analysis, including numerous face-to-face meetings with the key investment professionals.

  • Ongoing assessment

    The ongoing assessment of investment managers after they have been appointed is as important as the initial research. Our monitoring approach assesses whether an investment manager remains fit for purpose and identifies remedial action as necessary.

  • Environmental, Social and Governance considerations

    We believe that by considering ESG factors in an appropriately meaningful manner, active managers can mitigate fundamental investment risks, reduce the probability of permanent capital impairment, and improve positive long term returns for investors. Importantly, we consider ESG in the context of each manager’s own business and investment model, and recognise there is no one size fits all approach.

”We’ve worked with Stamford since 1999 and continue to be impressed by the quality of the team’s manager research and monitoring capabilities. Our fund managers regularly tell us that no other consultancy subjects them to such scrutiny”

Chris Ralph – CIO, St James Place

Our London based team has genuine global coverage working with talented investment managers around the world.