Stamford in the news

IPE – Manager Selection: A new guide to the future

Stamford in the news

IPE – Manager Selection: A new guide to the future

A framework for the best possible client outcomes

Our investment advice reflects our experience, core beliefs and investment philosophy

Preservation of capital is key – risk equates to permanent impairment of client’s capital

Individuals, not institutions, drive superior investment decisions – focus on high quality investment professionals

Full transparency is essential to draw meaningful conclusions

Embrace long term, bottom up driven fundamental investment strategies, avoid short term fads

Behavioural, not only investment considerations influence investment outcomes

Investment manager/strategy appraisals must be evidence based – take nothing at face value

No clients are identical and therefore customised investment advice is paramount

Investment Manager Assessment

  • Focus on genuinely active investment strategies
  • In depth evidence-based investment and behavioural analysis
  • Truly global manager coverage

Our approach to manager research and monitoring has evolved over four decades and given rise to an unparalleled investment manager intelligence base and a unique insight into the "DNA" of genuinely active managers who can make a real difference for our clients. Our ongoing manager assessment reflects our views on their future potential, not simply past performance.

Behavioural Analysis

  • Dedicated behavioural evaluation team
  • Psychological, behavioural and organisational perspectives
  • Granular understanding of manager mind-set

For approximately 20 years our manager assessment has included behavioural analysis alongside our detailed investment analysis. Our qualified psychologists provide a unique insight into the investment managers that goes far beyond their investment credentials.

Investment Strategy & Risk Management

  • Every client has unique investment requirements, objectives, governance structures and investment decision-making processes
  • Risk management relates to both appropriate investment strategies and effective implementation

We help clients articulate and define their investment strategies and risk appetites. We provide customised solutions for pension funds, wealth managers and other institutional investors.

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

  • Bespoke performance reporting service
  • Regular client meetings
  • Proactive forward-looking advice

Our clients take great comfort that we are continuously monitoring their investment managers and flagging material issues whenever appropriate. We take time and care to ensure that our clients have sufficient management information available to fulfil their fiduciary obligations. We do not simply report on the past, we opine on the future, using evidence-based reports to support our opinions. We like to be accountable for our advice and we are happy to align our remuneration with our clients’ results.